Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Week 3 Summary

So, it's been 3 weeks and I don't feel any different. Some of that may be that I seem to have a cold or something coming on, but none the less, I can't start testing foods yet. I have reset that counter to add another week, as the instruction sheet I have from my doctor says if you don't feel better to wait until 4 weeks and then call them.

I gained two pounds this week. I was a little worried that would happen because last week's loss seemed too good to be true! I did however drop 1% in body fat - it hadn't changed previously. (This is per my Tanita Scale.)

I'm still struggling with not having coffee - it's my biggest craving. I actually poured myself a cup the other day just so I could hold it and sniff it. It's really not as much the effect of the coffee, as the enjoyment of the taste and smell. Then again, I might not miss it if I could have a greater selection of tasty foods. It is really hard for me to have to avoid onion, garlic, citrus, sugar, soy and sesame - it seems like most flavorful foods have at least one of those ingredients! Even my sweetie, the chef, has trouble coming up with interesting ideas. (Of course, it doesn't help that I'm a vegetarian - after all, you can always flavor things with bacon grease...)


The.Effing.Librarian said...

sorry for the bother...I like your countdown timer, but I can't get it to calculate the days properly. no, I don't know javascript. I thought this was all I had to change: countdown_time=Date.UTC(2007,9,18,-5); but it keeps showing "50 days left." then I put todays date in the parens here: var now=new Date(); and it calculated correctly, but I doubt it will calculate correctly tomorrow. is blogger's clock wrong? I'm looking at the source on your page and it looks identical.

The.Effing.Librarian said...

then I changed to Date.UTC(2007,9,18-31,-5); and that might work until blogger fixes its clock..

Julie said...

Hi effing.librarian (what a great name!) I'm glad you found my countdown useful. You didn't mention whether you got my countdown code from my article
A Simple JavaScript Countdown
or elsewhere, but it mentions in the article that in JavaScript, the month numbers start with 0 for January, 1 for February, ... so if you are trying to count down to September 18, you want to use a month number of 8, so it reads "countdown_time=Date.UTC(2007,8,18,-5);"

There is a little more information about this and why your fix works in the last paragraph of my article
Introduction to UTC Dates
. Let me know if you have any further questions.

The.Effing.Librarian said...

thanks... I linked to your page for the code... I saw the instructions for 0 for January, but I guess I wasn't paying attention. And I didn't link originally because I wasn't sure if I was keeping it, but now that I've used it for a few days, I put the link (that's fair, right?)

Julie said...

Very fair! The JavaScript month numbering is confusing but it makes some programming things simpler. I've actually been thinking about doing a whole article on just that on my JavaScript/Java site.

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