Monday, August 20, 2007

Pancake Variations

3 apple pancakes on a plateAfter my success with pancakes, I've been experimenting with variations, with quite a bit of success. First I made pancakes using brown rice flour and stirring in pre-cooked shredded cabbage and carrots. They were so good that my sweetie ate a bunch of them too. It was a little difficult to cook them so they weren't overdone but also weren't mushy around the veggies. Then today I made rice pancakes by stirring a cup of rice into the pancake batter. I also experimented with apple pancakes. Usually when I make apple pancakes, I just mix grated apple into the batter. I tried that with a small quantity of batter and found that it was a little too mushy. So I tried cutting thin slices of apple and putting them on the griddle then pouring the batter over it. This worked great - they looked fabulous (as you can see) and tasted even better!

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