Sunday, August 5, 2007

Benefits Already!

One of my migraine triggers is the smell of dill.  I'm also supersensitive to the scent.  I spend a lot of time holding my breath in the produce section during the summer when they have fresh dill for making pickles.  It can be pretty miserable - luckily I can handle a wiff or two.  At any rate, I was at the produce market today and they had the usual bucket of dill.  Not only could I barely smell it, being around it didn't bother me at all!  I knew that scent supersensitivity can be an allergy symptom , but I didn't think that removing other allergans from my diet could remove the hypersensitivity to scents of foods I'm already avoiding.  Years ago a gas company tech told me that people with onion allergies are hypersensitive to the nasty smelling additive they use to make natural gas smell bad, which is derived from onions.  Years ago I tested as allergic to garlic (a relative of onions),  but the only things that avoiding garlic (or garlic and onions, as was suggested to me) ever did for me was leave me with a blander diet and remove the irritating hypersensitivity to the smell of natural gas (it wasn't a worth while trade off in my mind!)

Of course, the benefit I'd really like to see is feeling more completely well and healthy, not extra tired and that hasn't happened (yet?)

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