Tuesday, August 7, 2007

One Week Round Up

So, it's been a week. Other than being able to stand being in the same room with dill weed, I have seen no benefits from this diet. I haven't even lost any weight - I figure that if I'm not eating cookies, pastries, cakes, bread, or anything with flour or sugar, I should at least be losing weight. It's also been a week since I've had any coffee. I haven't had any withdrawal symptoms, but I have noticed that coffee smells better and better every day.

I've started to get into an eating routine of sorts. Most days for breakfast I make myself a bowl of homemade muslei - rolled oats and barley, ground flax, various nuts, sometimes raisins and chopped fresh fruit with apple juice. For lunch, I usually have some mix of fruit or vegetables and possibly some nuts or dinner leftovers. For dinner, I make some combination of rice (or rice noodles) and beans with veggies. I'm often hungry in the evening and sometimes will make another bowl of muslei. For quick snacks I usually have peanut butter and celery or rice cakes, sometimes I'll have fruit or a handful of nuts.

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