Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Survived Day One

I survived the first day on the elimination diet.  The hardest part was that I came back from my mom's house at the beach (end of the wedding festivities) and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of easily portable food on my diet.  For instance, I can't have bananas or oranges - which are almost ideal road food - cherries and watermelon are just a bit difficult to eat while driving or on a quick break!  I understand that there may be some bread that is on my diet, but I haven't found any of them so far, so no sandwiches. Food takes on a whole new meaning when you are hungry and surrounded by food that you can't eat. I'm definately going to have to find more foods that I can carry around with me in case I get hungry or am out longer than I expected.

So yesterday I had oatmeal with rice mik for breakfast (BTW the rice milk - at least the Rice Dream that Ralph, my mom's husband, drinks is really sweet - too sweet), a wedge of cantaloupe and a mug of chickory. For lunch I had pumpkin seeds (on the road.) Then Pico and I ate a ton of watermelon. This is actually normal for me, when Hermiston watermelons come into season, I usually buy one and eat a bunch of watermelon for a few days, since I'm usually the only watermelon eater - except for Pico, who would probably eat a whole watermelon if she could but I don't think that dogs should be doing that. Then I had some apricots and pistachios before bedtime. 

In addition to struggling with a lack of readily portable food, the other difficult thing was the lack of coffee and sugar.  I hadn't gotten a lot of sleep, since I was sleeping on the couch at my mom's house (i.e. one of the last to bed and the first up.)  I just automatically crave sugar and caffeine when I'm tired, but I couldn't have it.  Happily, my attempts to keep to one cup of coffee a day (sometimes two) for the past few weeks seem to have kept me from having trouble with actual caffeine withdrawal.

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